5 million oz of  gold  and 250 million oz of  silver coming  ..CSH 59,145 m exploration program concluded on schedule in 2011  Based on the drilling results, the Company is planning to expand the CSH operation.Results have confirmed the continuity of gold mineralization and the tendency
of grade increase to depth...if the results are 10 million oz at CSH and Jiama Phase II will be based on updated feasibility
study, expected in H2 2012, to support a major
mine expansion plan and reserve update
how large will this news be if they hit this number

JIAMA/Located about 60 km east of Lhasa and 6 km north of the Qulong deposit. Porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, containing 5 million tons of copper, 350,000 tons of molybdenum and 3,200 tons (100 million ounces) of silver. Located about 60 km east of Lhasa. and Jiama also may have  5 million oz of  gold  and 250 million oz of  silver coming  in there reserve update...with a total area of 2.9km2, and two

exploration licenses totaling 143.3 km2.

 the third party has to verify allot of drilling they have done on both Mines ... My wife Fingers and I are crossed! so CGG   can put it on there Home Page with those numbers and they should be proud to do that, they have work so hard to achieve those Numbers for all share Holders! and we want to see Mundoro in CGG hands!