The Jiama Mine  

The Phase II development, which

contemplated an expansion to a 12,000 tpd mining operation, is under review. The Company has retained engineering

firms to conduct a feasibility study in contemplation of building a larger scale mining operation using the additional

drilling results as the basis for expanding the mine to support an even larger scale of operations.

CSH/After discussions with management, we believe that the new
estimate could potentially double the existing measured and indicated resource to
10 million ounces of gold

Plans call for Jiama mine in Tibet to produce 63,000 tons annually!

 102 types of mineral deposits in over 3000 mine beds with an estimated value of about 600 billion Yuan, (USD 100 billion) in Tibet Source: Indian express “The prospecting results are subject to independent third-party verification overseas,”....Sun said the company envisions tripling both its total assets and revenues with the aim of joining top-tier global mining companies.

Located about 60 km east of Lhasa and 6 km north of the Qulong deposit. Porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, containing 5 million tons of copper, 350,000 tons of molybdenum and 3,200 tons (100 million ounces) of silver. Located about 60 km east of Lhasa. Jiama also may have 5 million oz of gold and 250 million oz of silver ...big news if CGG does !

The company currently holds two mining licenses with a total area of 2.9km2, and two

exploration licenses totaling 143.3 km2.

Big News! id they hit theses numbers!