Mundoro Capital Inc. responds to dissident shareholder Northern Minerals Investment Corp. regarding its continuing accusations which are inaccurate and defamatory. The company will, as it has previously advised the dissident group's counsel, provide the requested information once it has been delivered to the company by its independent scrutineer. The company is disappointed the dissident group continues to dispute matters that have been decided upon by shareholders..........look  putting Mundoro in CGG hands without a Permit would good for Share Holders here and CNG! and taking CNG taking CGG shares to 47 % from 37%  

Chinese geologists discovered 102 types of mineral deposits in over 3000 mine beds with an estimated value of about 600 billion Yuan, (USD 100 billion) in Tibet. 

JIAMA/Located about 60 km east of Lhasa and 6 km north of the Qulong deposit. Porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, containing 5 million tons of copper, 350,000 tons of molybdenum and 3,200 tons (100 million ounces) of silver. Located about 60 km east of Lhasa. Jiama also may have  5 million oz of  gold  and 250 million oz of  silver coming in CGG drill results!  and go on LME at yrs end!