Mr. Teo Dechev reports


At Mundoro Capital Inc.'s annual and special general meeting of shareholders held in Vancouver on Aug. 27, 2012, shareholders voted to elect John J. Hoey, Teo Dechev, Richard Moores and Michael Calyniuk to the board  The company believes that the dissident group had planned to vote down their own resolution on setting the board size, Fortunately, shareholders voted against this result and for management's current growth strategy

Yesterday, Aug. 27, 2012, Mundoro Capital Inc. held the annual general and special meeting of the shareholders of the company. Northern Minerals Investment Corp., on behalf of concerned shareholders of the company, received overwhelming support for its plan for a better Mundoro. NMI thanks all shareholders who voted for a better Mundoro for their support and for validating the plan put forward by the concerned shareholders.

The meeting was chaired by John J. Hoey, an incumbent director and company nominee for continued directorship at the meeting. Requests by NMI for an independent chairman were repeatedly rejected by the company.   ..  better Mundoro would be with CGG AND A Permit ASAP!  and Monnis News with CGG drill results....  China National Gold Group Announces Purchase of CGG Stock .... Of Understanding To Develop Gold Business With Monnis International Inc.