The Acting-president and Minister of Finance and National Planning of Zambia congratulated on CNMCL’s successful listing in Hong Kong, and sang high praise to CNMC’s contribution. He pointed out that as the first African stock got listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange; CNMCL has presented the value of Zambia as an ideal investment destination to the world. It is another significant contribution CNMC has made for the development of Zambia. Ministry of Finance and National Planning will further support CNMC to increase investment and create jobs to Zambian people.

China Nonferrous Metals Corporation Ltd., abbreviated as CNMCL, is incorporated by NFC Africa Mining Plc., CNMC Luanshya Mines Plc., Chambishi Copper Smelter Co., Ltd., and Sino-Metals Leach Plant Ltd. in Zambia. The company issued 870 million shares at HK$ 2.2, raised HK$1.914 billion, and the stock code is 01258. 

Muliashi Project Commenced Production

Source:CNMC        Date:2012-04-27

Muliashi project consists of an open pit which produces 4.5 million tons of ore annually and a leach plant which can produce 41,000 tons of copper cathodes per year. The project utilized advantageous leaching technology and equipments. Since construction started in October 2012, the company has tackled many difficulties with the support from design institution, construction contractor, project supervision, and equipment provider. In pilot production period, Chinese technicians worked day and night for two months to utilizing system and adjust flow-sheet, and insured the successful commencement of the project. The General Secretary of Miner’s Union of Zambia said after he paid a visit to Muliashi project that Zambia has been planning Muliashi project with countless investors for 20 years, and people finally see the production today. Chinese enterprises are really serious investors. Zambian people are glad to see the future of Luanshya and people of luanshya has been secured. 2012 CNMC affiliated 10000 t/a Huaxin Leach Project produced the first piece of copper plate, marking the commencement of its official trail production. The designed capacity of CNMC Huaxin Leach Project is 10000 tons of cathode copper, 2000 tons of cobalt salt, 40000 tons of sulfuric acid and mining development. It started construction at March 2011, and only took 9 months to finish, and commenced test-run on January 20, 2012. Since the test-run, the company has been focusing on adjustment of feeding system, water and chemical criteria and finally made every criteria fulfilled standard