This is Alex wife and we want to clarify that yes it"s true that we invested in CGG.

I am writing to express my disgust upon learning of the deceptive practices of some people of using others ID in order to exchanged their thougs using fakes ID. We feel scammed.

I freely admit that I could have done more research on the current market rate for gold in traditional channels. However, when I mailed in my gold items I believed somebody else is trying to impose our ID's

This is a big deal for us , and this is not a time in our lives when I need to learn such an expensive lesson.

I have never seen such unethical practices. Rest assured that I plan on adding my name to the long list of complaints already on file with government regulatory agencies consumer advocacy groups.

I am demanding that you honor your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that our names will not get involve again in such as inappropriate manner....this is us and we want to be part of any law suit that damaged CGG as svm was by defamatory posts!