Jiama Copper Gold Polymetallic Mine, located about 68 kilometres from Lhasa city, will generate product worth 4.5 billion yuan (about US$712 million) per year. The report added that production will continue for more than 70 years.    Autonomous region has massive reserves of high-value minerals

discovering proven copper reserves in the area of 6.2 million tons from proven reserves in 2007 of 930,000 tons. Meanwhile, the company discovered 650,000 tons of molybdenum reserves, 140 tons of gold reserves, 8,624 tons of silver reserves and 560,000 tons of lead and zinc reserves.

    At present, 40 drilling machines are being used to explore for more resources. Industry experts believe the overall mining resources in Jiama will together be equal to more than 20 million tons of copper in terms of value. worth 4.5 bln yuan per year ... Gold Polymetallic Mine

The newly added mineral reserves will reach 2,000 billion yuan

the company will have an annual production capacity of 63,000 tons of copper, which is valued at 4 billion yuan according to the current price.

    Plans also call for Jiama to be one of the top nonferrous metal production sites in the world http://www.chinamining.org/News/h005/h22/img201207091049242.jpg    Jiama Csh  ...BIG Numbers coming!