JIAMA.Standalone independent vein-type gold mineralization has been found during the 2010 exploration
program. It occurs in the quartz-diorite porphyrite dyke in the hole of ZK4504. There are two gold
mineralization intercepts in this hole. The first mineralized body is 10m thick with an average gold grade
of 17.15 grams per tonne (g/t) and the highest gold grade of 47 g/t. The second mineralized body is
13.06m thick with an average gold grade of 2.04 g/t and the highest gold grade of 4.28 g/t
The discovery of these gold bearing intercepts shows the potential for other gold mineralization within the
Jiama Project mining district.
At the Jiama Mine, a 37,000 metre (71 holes) drilling program was completed in the fourth quarter of 2011 within the mining permit area. In order to increase production and mining capacity, the Company is in the process of updating the early feasibility study and reserve estimate. The feasibility study and reserve analysis are expected to be completed in 2012 and will be used in determining the Phase II mining expansion project.Exploration
The Jiama Mine’s 2011 exploration program was completed by December 2011 and consisted of 37,000 metres of drilling with a total of 71 diamond drill holes. The Company is in the process of preparing an updated feasibility study and reserve estimate.The Board of Directors has given the Company approval to conduct reviews of a number of potential assets and/or business acquisition

Medrogungkar county, home to the Jiama Copper Gold Polymetallic Mine, about 68 kilometers from Lhasa, may dethrone Dexing in East China's Jiangxi province to become the country's biggest copper town in 10 years, said Jiang Liangyou, board chairman and Party secretary of the owner of the mine, Tibet Huatailong Mining Development.

    The projections were based upon the initial prospecting finished by Huatailong in 2010 within a land area of nine square kilometers, Jiang said. The company's mining permit covers a total area of 144 square kilometers at an altitude of 4,000 to 5,407 meters.

    "The prospecting results are subject to independent third-party verification overseas," he said. "If verified, it would propel the mine into its second-phase expansion."

"The answer, in our mind, is to build Jiama into a large, environmentally-friendly mine equipped with leading technologies," he said.

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