Jiama will together be equal to more than 20 million tons of copper in terms of value.

According to the Land and Resources Office of the autonomous region, Tibet has 101 kinds of proven reserves, among which many resources such as copper, gold, chromium and boron are in short supply in China. The chromic iron ore reserve is the biggest in China and the copper reserve the second biggest.

The office said the potential value of the mining resources in Tibet is more than 600 billion yuan.At current prices, the yearly sales revenue of the company will reach 4.50 billion yuan with profits of 1.18 billion yuan. The newly added mineral reserves will reach 2,000 billion yuan!

the company will have an annual production capacity of 63,000 tons of copper, which is valued at 4 billion yuan according to the current price.

Plans also call for Jiama to be one of the top nonferrous metal production sites in the world!Sun said the company envisages tripling both its total assets and revenues