Tianzhu Yutian Construction Material Company Limited – Gold Mine


On 14 July 2009 China Nonferrous Metals announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Shenzhen City Ruirui Technology Company Limited has entered into an Acquisition Agreement to acquire a gold mine located in Yumen City, Jiuquan Region, Gansu Province of the PRC wholly owned by Tianzhu Yutian Construction Material Company Limited(?????????????), for cash consideration of HK$50 million. The aggregate exploration area of the mine reaches 13.67 km2. The acquisition is completed on conditions including an ordinary resolution is passed by the independent shareholders at the SGM and obtaining a valuation report in relation to target company and the mine prepared by an independent valuer. According to the preliminary technical report, it is estimated that gold reserves in the mine will be approximately 9.909 tonnes. Audited Financial Statements (New Jiashengpan Resources)

Net Profit $107,708  The Target Company is principally engaged in exploration and intended to be engaged in mining of the Mineral Resources at the Mine, located in Kalaqinqi Liutiaogou Village, Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia of the PRC with an aggregate mining area of 15.30km2. According to the working report for the year 2007 on the potential reserves of the Mineral Resources prepared by an independent third party, Brigade 247 of Nonferrous Metals Geology and Exploration Bureau of Hunan Province(??????????????), the ore (which is about 2.9 meters thick) containing the Mineral Resources was believed to have been discovered in the Mine.  As analysed by Brigade 247, copper, zinc, lead and silver were found in the testing samples from the Mine. 

JIAMA!/Chinese geologists discovered 102 types of mineral deposits in over 3000 mine beds with an estimated value of about 600 billion Yuan, (USD 100 billion) in Tibet. potential to find a standalone gold deposit in the Jiama deposit area........we are hoping for 17.7 Million oz in a Nr at Jiama!

China Gold International's CEO, Dr Xin Song says, “The key objectives of this aggressive drilling plan are to further define the mineralized zone on the property that we believe may host a meaningful gold deposit, further expand and upgrade the existing resource base and investigate the deep porphyry copper-molybdenum mineralized body at the Jiama project both down depth and along strike.  2012... potential to be among the world's 50 biggest mines of its kind by deposits and ... Medrogungkar county, home to the Jiama Copper Gold Polymetallic ... and the largest copper gold polymetallic mine in Tibet!....

GLAD TO BE INVESTED HERE....we would love to see 30 million plus oz of GOLD in CGG feasible NR! in all there mines!