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Canadian Energy Services & Technology Corp T.CEU

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Drilling

Canadian Energy Services & Technolgy Corporation is engaged in the designing, implementation and manufacturing technically advanced consumable fluids and specialty chemicals for the oil and gas industry.
Price: $29.905 | Change: +$0.875 | % Change: +3.01%
Volume: 226,480 | Day High/Low: 29.92/28.96 | 52 Week High/Low: 30.14/11.52

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Another dividend increase, another upgrade , this time to $30.00, and the Acquisitions are starting to show up on their bottom line...   I believe we have a nice winner here... They are true to their...read more
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RE:Another 52 week high

PHONE CEU PR.CHECK WEBSITE.good luck.  rate and reply
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Another 52 week high

And no one knows why  rate and reply
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Strange action

Odd trading on heavier than normal volume near the end of the trading session makes me wonder also about an impending split.  I consider this stock one of the main flagships of my portfolio and have...read more
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RE:Someone opened 3,000 Feb Call Options yesterday

And the climb continues.   I'm not too sure if management is considering spliting again in the near future.  I was surprised a few years back when they did the 3 for 1 split at $33 ish ... I didn't...read more
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Someone opened 3,000 Feb Call Options yesterday

2,000 call options @ $24 strike price and 1,000 @ $25 strike price This is unusual trading activity since normally this stock hardly has any option trades. Someone is betting upside beyond $25 before...read more
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Why up $1 today?

Who upgraded CEU today?  rate and reply
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Got it! CEU will be our secret lol. Good luck to you too.  rate and reply
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& the beat goes on with more to come.

http://www.rbnenergy.com/edmonton-and-hardisty-storing-crude-oil-in-harmony-part-3-edmonton-expansion-plans  rate and reply
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HI.don't talk about it .had it since P.O.just let it go.tuck it away.good luck.  rate and reply
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Thanks. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that cares about this stock. It seems no one ever talks about it. Don't know why, especially for a stock that performs so well.  rate and reply
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I notice that the chart seems to be taking the same run it did back in 2011 when it split 3 for 1 ... I'm ok with deja vu .  rate and reply
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RE:Does anyone know why CEU is up so much?

Scotiabank increased price target. . 26 from 24... National earlier. . 24 from 20..... Cheers. .  rate and reply
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Does anyone know why CEU is up so much?

I can't find any news to explain the recent strength.  rate and reply
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Rising target price....

RESEARCH ALERT-Canadian Energy Services and Technology: National Bank Financial raises target price RESEARCH ALERT-Canadian Energy Services and Technology: National Bank Financial raises target price...read more
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CES generated gross revenue of $182.3 million during the third quarter of 2013, compared to $115.6 million for the three months ended September 30, 2012, an increase of $66.7 million or 58% on a year...read more
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Ponzi scheme

Wow! you people really are gullible.  You must love the feeling associated with losing money and being duped.  CEU is an obvious Ponzi scheme.  You will lose 80 to 100 percent if you hold this scam...read more
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RE:Added to the TSX 100

today we start trading as a TSX index stock - note how the "professionals" have walked down the stock price in order to buy in at a discount. Not to worry, we will be back over $18 in a few weeks...read more
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Added to the TSX 100

this should be very good for the futue share price. Now mutal funds and pension funds will have to buy CEU. They are not flippers and will be long term holders. However, they will buy in the same way...read more
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RE:Hate this manipulation

How about that? Ten times the average volume today, while the stock price was carefully controlled and not allowed to rise too much.  rate and reply