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Emergency airport to charge 512 kg gold to Canada

Wrote: Hassan HusseinFriday 06/14/2013 12:42
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Cargo Village, authorities announced at Cairo airport today, the state of emergency to secure shipping 512 kilos of mine went to Canada diabetes, purified in specialized labs and sold on the international stock exchanges and the sharing of it.

She said official sources in the village that the shipment arrived within 28 expel inside an armored vehicle amid tight security from one of the stores the company that owns the mine, diabetes, after obtaining the necessary approvals from the interest of scales and stamp duty and the mineral wealth on her and shipped on the plane Dutch flying to Canada via Amsterdam, where it will be purified in a laboratory specialized to the percentage of purity to 99.9%, and then sold in global stock markets and share price in accordance with the contract between Egypt and the company "Centamin" Australian, which holds the extraction of gold from the mine, which is one of the 10 largest gold mines in the world.

The gold shipment had arrived last Wednesday on a private plane from Marsa Alam, to get the necessary approvals before traveling to Canada.