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Dr. Mustafa El Kady president of diabetes, and a representative partner Egyptian mine, The shipment of gold that weighs 228 kg packed in 12 parcels, stalled since the end of last April, at Cairo airport because of the decision of the Ministry of Industry, left yesterday evening, to Canada for purification, and sold bourses WorldGold as directed.
The judge added in a statement for "alternative", the Minister of Industry Engineer Hatem Saleh briefed the Convention on diabetes and found that its resolution No. 235 of 2013 on the import and export, and the system of screening procedures and control of goods exported, imported, for the export of some commodities, including gold, you need to pay the value of the shipment fully and foreign currency through banks operating in Egypt before they leave the country does not apply to gold diabetes.
He continued judge that the action plan mine going on a regular basis and in accordance with the plans in advance, stressing that workers mine of engineers, technicians, and workers have a great deal of international experience in this field and have the determination aims to develop the mine at the forefront of mining the world to support the national economy and help the country overcome these difficult phase taking place now.