About the only reason to sell is to raise some cash to buy on the next panic.  Centamin investors seem to be like lemming.  They all jump off a cliff every time some silly problem or rumour emerges.

2011 Panics and rumours:

-Battle of the Camel!   (First day I bought)

-Gold exports suspended (NOT)!

-Illegal strike!

-Blast inspectors not working!

2012 Panics and rumours:

- Fuel subsidy cancelled!

- Consession agreement violations (NOT)!

- Illegal strike!

- Consession Agreement torn up by courts!

- No fuel!

-  Exports blocked! No cash!

There have been so many of these that I have probabily forgotten about a couple.  Strangely, Centamin carries on and keeps producing gold and profits.  Each one of these events has basically been a buying opportunity for those investors who have zinc coated balls that clang.