LOL! and 43 cents with the mine shut on blocked exports and no fuel was not a nightmare scenario!?!?!? If you could have held through that and even topped up like a few of us did then going forward should be a cakewalk (famous last words??? LOL!)

I would suspect the exploitation agreement case will be resolved in due course but probably with a few twists and bends. Fuel subsidy is gone but there will be no clawback of previous subisdy (pre-March 2012) and nor will CEY get much, if any, money for the fuel its paying full price for since.

Politically, the shot Sisi fired across the bow of the political parties earlier this wee seems to be working. Ultimately, the Army is still in charge and most of the actors know it. Any flare up of violence seems to draw criticism rather than blame from all quarters. New mining legislation due soon should also put some of the more irksome issue wrt dealing with the government to rest.

Production looking good but strip ratio getting out of hand in 2014/15. Hopefully increased head grades of the ore will mitigate that somewhat.

CEE likely to support Nyota soon with a cash injection. If the court case goes well on the 6th they may even attempt a takeover at these bargain prices. A green light from the Ethiopian gov't would then be icing on an already very tasty cake.