There is some character there claiming to be a floor trader who paints negative pictures like "large sell orders coming in" blah, blah, blah... alll the while also claiming to be a long and only passing on "information". Its kind of sad really. I think he is a boiler room operator. Other than that, most are ignoring the short term fluctuations as they know its bot traded in the UK where it traded nearly 20m shares today. A wicked open down into the low 50's followed by a rebound to nearly 57p and then steady like a rock until the close @ 56.35p. This pattern is not uncommon in the UK as the computer traders dominate the opening bell and then steer the day's action. Interestingly, the Egyptian Exchange barely budged (flat on Sunday and down 1.4% today). CEY is obviously less exposed than most on the EGX so its markdown today is probably, in part, due to profit taking from the rise over the last month or so. III is a waste of time IMO. Used to be good but they let the idiots loose and there are so many pompus jerks its just not worth it anymore. ADVFN (reg required) or are the only useful ones, IMO. You can get both III and ls realtime chat from here: