I understand your point. They should simply announce that X quantity has been shipped to the refinery no details & after the fact. That information serves the purpose & is harmless.

There seems to be ongoing commentary play by play movement, locations at customs, airline flight information destination is too much information. It becomes a safety issue. Insurance will pay but why put people dealing with at risk & tempt others. I am surprised that the insurance company has not complained & increased their premium. Insurance policy has certain conditions for the movement. Policy holder is supposed to take certain precautions as stipulated in the policy.

 Very long time ago. I use  to live in a country that use to export gold through airlines regularly. They kept the details confidential for safety & security reasons.  The quantities were small & were given to the captain & kept in the strong box in the cockpit.

When you are dealing with gold or lot of money you keep the movements very confidential that is the proper protocol.  Even at times personnel dealing with the transport are not given prior information.