The writing is on the wall. Middle east has a history of Nationalization.

Do not confuse Egypt with some of other African corrupt countries  where important people have special arrangements  with foreign companies . Egyptian government was also similar & very corrupt but things are changing fast. There is a huge & growing nationalist element in the country which strongly believes that they can take care of their recourses themselves. Egyptians have a very different mentality. Forget the past. Now they see a very valuable recourse that belongs to them.

I cannot see the present agreement to exit in the present form for very long. They might be able to buy some time but this issue will keep coming back again & again. It is just like the workers keep going on strike from time to time & demanding bigger salary increase. They believe that the gold belongs to them. CEE may still have connection in the ministry & government which will buy them some time, maybe a few years. When this mine becomes a major political agenda all their connection will be useless. They will force changes on the company. They will find ways to create issues till they get what they want.

Markets know the situation in Egypt that is why the stock has & will always trade at a huge discount to its peers with operation in other African countries.

CEE has to do much better than Ethiopian operation. They have to take out some producer with good reserves.