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Cardero Resource Corp T.CDU

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s):  CDYC

Cardero Resources Corp is an exploration stage company. The Company currently holds, or has rights to acquire, interests in several mineral properties in Canada, Ghana, Argentina, Mexico and the United States.
Price: $0.07 | Change: +$0.005 | %Change: +7.69%
Volume: 42,300 | Day High/Low: 0.07/0.065 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.27/0.065

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RE:RE:Today is the day....

Well Kopple must be allowing them to continue negotiations. Calling the company will yield nothing as the outcome will be material and therefore requires public dissemination. However, the company...read more
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RE:Today is the day....

any word on whats hapenning here? did someone call the comany?  rate and reply
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Today is the day....

In a previous posting I mentioned Aug 5th, but that was incorrect. It is in fact today that Kopple is owed $2M USD. I assume that they are negotiating as we speak. Good luck to the shareholders that...read more
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RE:RE:What happens

Good try troll, you won't get a rise out of anyone here.  rate and reply
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RE:What happens

another short seller animal fear monger. lol  rate and reply
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no doubt you have aggenda. you are here to suck cheap shares or you are shortsellers. Whatever you are you have to wait and I will wait selling.  rate and reply
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Sprott invests $33 Million in US Metallurgical Coal producer

Nice volume in Cardero today...is this Sprott news correlated? We broke the 50 dma on big volume...if it sticks the stock could be back in the teens in a flash... http://finance.yahoo.com/news...read more
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What happens

What happens for Kopple if Cardero can't pay him back? Is there an incentive for him to withhold exercising his options despite his large equity position in the company? If the mine gets turned over...read more
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It's fairly simple RedDeer.... Cardero owes Kopple $2m USD plus interest by Aug5. There is not enough cash left on the LOC nor have they had any success in asset divestitures. Kopple could exercise...read more
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Would be a good idea if you would elaborate a bit on the warrant exercise and August deadline for anyone contemplating catching the falling knife!  rate and reply
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Good to see your doing your DD, but I guess you missed the deferral clause.  The more pressing issue is the warrant exercise and the August deadline.  rate and reply
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RE:Do any of you realize

Canada – Carbon Creek Property, British Columbia    To acquire its interest in the Carbon Creek Metallurgical Coal Property, Cardero Coal Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company (“Cardero...read more
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Do any of you realize

Cardero does not own the property in the Carbon Creek....they are leasing it....and do you know how  much they owe each year for the next 5 years to keep that lease? It makes what they owe LA Lawyer...read more
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RE:Where is that Kopple warrant exercise?

Looks like we are soon getting back to my by-in price almost a year ago__in my younger days would most certainly be rolling the dice and loading up with even more__but that "fire in the belly" has...read more
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Where is that Kopple warrant exercise?

Maybe he is just going to hold onto them and let management twist in the wind looking for cash to pay back the August loan repayment? Maybe Mr. Kopple isn't the benign white knight he was painted as?...read more
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RE:CDU Hit The Jackpot.

DavejSmith wrote: Money Money Money. ....  What are you guys talking about?  I've been in this stock for a while and am down 97.23%.  Why do you feel this is a $4 stock?  Anything solid to...read more
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Arch, Alpha, Peabody, Walter, Teck...

All having big days today... Something must be afoot in commodity land? Is anybody left here in Cardero? Like a ghostown ;)  rate and reply
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AGM begins at 5pm Eastern, 2pm Vancouver...

If anyone who is following Cardero or reads these boards is planning to attend, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! And of course if you get the chance to meet Mr. Kopple, use your best...read more
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CDU Hit The Jackpot.

Money Money Money. ....  rate and reply
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Profits are visible on the ground.

When will the stock shoot up to $4 dollars as it should.  rate and reply