starts printing money to pay their ever growing debt....( quantitive easing < QE3 ad infinitum> )

Oil...and likely Uranium ( seems to be a correlation there...hmmm ) okay Uranium will move with Oil...

So, guess where my money is going...6 Nov...regardless whom wins. No not Uranium stocks. No not Oil stocks.

This all reminds me of ( I was not entirely traumatized by the Dot com melt down ) the Anderson Pete. takeover in 2001. << you have to go back to page...85 on my archives or so....You will note I caught the Berkely Pete. takeover as well >>

Soro's ( I was not finished with the Military at the time of USSR fact heavily distracted with inept 'leadership' )  made a killing shorting the ""ruble""...and became a billionaire. Who is catching the inneundo here. ; )

Oh well my time will come...again.

Busy, positioning and waiting the sleeping Giant ( Uranium ) to rise again.

Great Great Great Hunting