Blanket Gold Mine is now one of the Lowest Cost 
Gold Producers in both Africa and the World

it highlighted -


The Blanket Gold mine production Au 12,918 ounces of the 
 99.999% yellow Gold Au metal; 
- Reported in Q3 were produced - 
- 12 per cent higher than 
the 11,560 ounces generated in the second quarter - 

CAL meanwhile well, its financial position continued to improve 
with almost $25 million of cash on hand - 
its $.05 per share in cash
; increased every quarter after taxes - 

• Q3 gold production - Au 12,918 oz 

• Q3 Cash costs – US$508/oz 

• Q3 Operating cash flow (before capex) – C$ 6.8 million 
– C$18 million 9 months to September 30, 2012

• Q3 normalised EBITDA - $9.8 million 
– Further improvement on previous 3 quarters - 

• CAL Cash at 30 September 2012 - $24.6 million 
– Held in US$ and C$ outside Zimbabwe 

• Blanket Gold Mine’s future development strategy 
- Funded using internal resources 

• Anticipated 700tpd increase in future ore production 

• Work continues at three satellite Gold mines properties: 
Mascot, GG and Eagle Vulture Gold Mines - 

- GG: shaft sinking work has reached 51 metres and will continue 
down to 120 metres 
- Mascot: Shaft has been re-accessed down to 120 metres and 

• Underground development work continues at 
Eagle Vulture Gold Mine production - 
- with three more Gold Mines it will soon increase the 
Gold production to go much higher - 

Blanket Gold Mines 
Gold production delivered to the refinery in 
October 2012 was 4,479 ounces. 
Caledonia's financial position continues to improve. 
With $25 million+ of cash on hand Caledonia has sufficient 
cash resources to invest in its existing projects and also in 
potential new opportunities." 
God Bless