Getting a bit of a rebound here.  It looks like the support of around $3.20 held - for now.  We are down tremendously and it would be perfectly consistent to get a nice snap-back.  Maybe this will happen next week.  Gold too, is oversold and should bounce.  We could bounce back to $3.50 quicker than we think, as BTO is more volatile than other stocks. It often outplunges and then outrecovers it's peers.  Unfortunately, it's all counterintuitive and therefore very tricky to trade, because you often have to go against all your instincts.

Just to hedge my statements - gold could go to $1580 next week and then we'll probably resume our decline.  So much depends on the POG.  Part of me wants to sell some shares just in case this happens, but at the same time it would be very risky, because we could get a sharp bounce-back and then the crying starts.

The situation is too fluid and unpredictable to make good trading decisions.  Any selling should have happened at much higher levels. 

As one analyst so wisely said:  "if you don't know what to do, don't do anything."

Fear and panic, in my experience, are the worst of all advisors. 

Have a nice weekend