i don't b.s. like lot's o pumpers on these boards, unlike so many do to try and get me to buy losers , and hype the stories that are basicly lies covered up with hype .

as far as merill lynch , i saw it on stockwatch and that is no b.s. ,they showed trades between national bank and merrill lynch and i counted 50 million shares , so if you don't beleive me then if it was a fake trade you should report it the securites commission , it's there job to after scams .

i know the national bank plays these worhtless pennies i seen them at that before ,i'm curious about the national bank ,who is it that would sell so many shares , maybe they're shorting bto , that would explain it .


i watch the trading this week and last week , lot's of shares being trown out ,very easy to buy bto under $4.00 

i suspect it could be shorters , anyone who can find that out and post the short report on bto ?