Ah, that's loaded.  He might no be responsible for the old problems, but could be responsible for the new ones. Funny everyone is talking about the fiscal cliff and whether or not they should remove the Bush tax cuts that have been in place and perhaps may have saved the day as well.  Its just all good to me that we won't see another 4 years of Obama having to campaign for another re-election.  He can go play golf now...perhpas more than he did in the first 4 years of being President, which I might add was more than Bush played during his entire 8 year term.  He also spent tax payers dollars getting rid of the iconic bowling alley in the Whitehouse and replaced it with a basketball court.  Just look at who he hangs with and who frequents the Whitehouse  "Bill Ayers" "Van Jones"  Look at their past and you might begin to wonder what this guy is all about.  In any event, the economy will recover at some point only because China wants US goods and goods from other countries rather than the cheap goods they are producing now only because there is so much wealth there that Obama never created.  Lets face it.  In the first term, Obama promised alot and had two years of control to get everything under control and pretty much did nothing of what he promised...i.e. immigration reform...shovel ready jobs...etc.  he had clean sweep opportunity to do so and didn't really lift a finger on it. 

Just saying.  Politically, don't care, but Bush isn't given any credit for the tax cuts that are still in place that have probably in some way helped and that is why they are talking about this today in regard to the fiscal cliff.  So, did Bush do that bad of a job?  Look at the deficit created during Obama's term and then re-ask yourself the question.  I don't think you can just blame the current situation on Bush.  Obama had two years of total control to do whatever he wanted and didn't do much, then blamed everyone else of not accomplishing anything when he had not control. 

At least we know its only another 4 years and that is not definitive and locked in stone.  Lybia is the next scandal that is upon him. 

BTO is getting killed on otherwise good results, not sure why, but It goes to $4.00 and then dumps usually and it will be back there.  Hoping I can pick some up below $3.00 as history tells us on this swing stock and we have all watched it do this back and forth for some time.  Now that has nothing to do with Obama and politics.

Good night.