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Belo Sun Mining Corp T.BSX

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Primary Symbol: V.BSX
Alternate Symbol(s):  VNNHF

Price: $0.22 | Change: +$0.005 | %Change: +2.33%
Volume: 234,332 | Day High/Low: 0.22/0.21 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.93/0.145

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RE:RE:RE:RE:Damn,....I'm not chasing....

HFT computers aren't smacking it with their 500 share trades...I don't get it.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Damn,....I'm not chasing....

Lol very true , emotional rolercoaster isn't it  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Damn,....I'm not chasing....

Welcome to the typical life of a day trader....in and out, hate it, love it...all within an hour. Still on side lines here waiting with 45K cash  rate and reply
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RE:Damn,....I'm not chasing....

bro stop contradicting yourself,sounds like your talking to yourself as a second person.  rate and reply
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Damn,....I'm not chasing....

No way it can go up without me....waiting on side lines  rate and reply
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No buyers = mm's will punish BSX again, target 0.19 today

I'll have my order around 19 and 20, gold going back to 1280, should easily fill today No news = mm's will flush No buyers = mm's will flush  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Justice denies suspension of Belo Monte

Wow, nice find, very good news....will the BSX SP react? I might have ti buy in higher, waiting for 0.19 or 0.20 today.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Justice denies suspension of Belo Monte

This is great news for this region for companies.If the companies full filled their requirements how can a prosecutor suspend the permits?...they already done the impact studies and full filled what...read more
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RE:Justice denies suspension of Belo Monte

This was extremely good news for Belo Sun, btw, as the judge even called into question the report which MPF has used to "prove" that the indigenous peoples will be affected by the dam (or by whatever...read more
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RE:Sunny g

Just put the A-Ho on ignore  rate and reply
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Justice denies suspension of Belo Monte

http://www.ormnews.com.br/noticia/justica-nega-suspensao-de-belo-monte Indemnification request the Indians was also rejected   The Federal Court rejected on Wednesday, 9 civil...read more
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Sunny g

Stop your bashing. You're a fool  rate and reply
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RE:it is going to $0.265 for sure...

gold going down....target is 1280 now, bsx was only 0.235 at 1345....so i figure at 1280 we'll be at about 0.12 , gold has already run big and bsx cant hold any gains....im just trading any moves from...read more
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it is going to $0.265 for sure...

probably tomorrow.... Newbie 2015 will have to pay more than $0.225 sorry but POG is bullish You did a mistake....today!!!  rate and reply
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Not every mine is a success, Mark might have to accept it...

Stock is on it's way down to 12 cents next week, there will be one more major smack down and then you'll see a nice buying oppertunity. Sub 10 cents would be a gift, but I'll 12-14, Ready with 45K...read more
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Yes, if you're happy with buying way up here....I'll be happier with 0.12's in a week, all out today at 0.225, no way I'm holding through another smack sown One more smack down from Globe and Mail...read more
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RE:Sunnyg is Prof_JD (also know as Goldmember & Newbie)

Got them all on ignore......ah.......peaceful.  rate and reply
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I've been in conversation with analysts who have been on TV.  They are familiar with Mark Eaton and his track record. He has worked his way to finally controlling a gold jr. He has a good reputation...read more
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Sunnyg is Prof_JD (also know as Goldmember & Newbie)

Hey Prof_JD or shall I say Sunnyg; nobody cares about your ignorant communication skills.  The best words of advice I can give someone as limited in knowledge as you is to "keep your trap shut"!  Also...read more
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*sound of toilet flushing*

Another 150K of bag holders added again today... ouch.  rate and reply