There were two open cases. The first with NWM was settled by NWM and an agreement to pay BQE was arranged. The pending one is with Aditya Birla in Australia and in a similar manner to NWM Aditya just decided they didn;t want to work with BQE anymore and are trying to get out of the deal. Aditya has replaced the plant so the deal will be a cash out for BQE I bet. YOu probably wonder why Aditya replaced the plant? Well it was damaged in a flood and thast when the issue happened. BQE was paid by the insurance company and there was to be a renegotiation of the deal with Aditya...they decided to sue instead while replacing the BQE plant....most likely a ploy similar to NWM who had a new CEO who thought he had a better (cheaper) way of doing BQE's work...2 years later NWM still can't get this new CEO's idea working while the whole time the BQE plant was sitting idle.   

BQE has always been very ethical...I've held shares since 2005.Yes I'm an idiot!