One would think that if there really is so little competition then securing contracts would be a whole lot easier. However, as discussed here many times until companies are forced to ante up they will not spend money on clean up unless it produced more profit than costs & regulations force it. The CEO can talk until the cows come home about the companies competitive advantage but until they can secure enough contracts to produce a profitable company its still just another start up that has taken far too long to get its act together. The only part of management that has changed over the years  is the CEO position everyone else is still in place.

I sincerely hope the next few Q's will finally get the company moving in the right direction. Options just expired with a strike price of $4 + so it shows just how far the SP has fallen since they were granted. Now they all get to reload even cheaper although not as many granted. Lets hope they finally get it right & earn the money these new options are going to pu ionto their pockets because the SP doesn't have to move much to get them into the money.