Having broken out a trading range locked at 2.60 -3.20 BNK is looking very strong.
OBV shows continued accumulation, MACD in over-bought territoryand stochastics very bullish.
MACD isn't a concern because of the break out, it can remain showing an over-bought condition for some time to come. First level of support $3.50 then $3.20.
That said, the whole sector has had a very nice move over the past several weeks. Yes, there could be a pull back S/T but to where? One would have to be very nimble indeed to re-establish a whole position. Brent having pulled back from a high of $117.00 has had little impact on the S.P. Brent to is very close to its 200 day M/A. So, is it worth trading? I'd say IMO not. The new corporate update, road show starting this week in Toronto and next week in Europe suggests that there will be many new eyes on this story. The valuation remains compelling so that even those that haven't bee long the story will still find the story with sufficient upside from here to enter into a new trade.
For those inclined to sell , do so at there own peril, so I'd suggest trading around a core position. The risk /reward not favouring a s/t trade as the upside technically speaking is $4.50 then again at $5.50.