Yeah,DB,I see your point about oil being another beast. In a sense,I think of it like water in that it will always seek its own level in pricing. By that i mean,when the price drps,a lot of times more oil is consumed leading to pressure on supply and that causes it to rise in price again. Counter-intuitive to a degree,but that is the supply-demand syndrome. As to bankers,I totally agree with your and brains deductions,and others on this bd. who say we are undervalued and I hope you are right,eh lefty, that we have turned a corner here and have begun a methodical climb,slow as it may be, to a decent,fair share price.That price is rather nebulous for most of us but for me I would love to get closer to that $9.92 price we hit in early 201,I believe--- n.b. I said closer, not necessarily there.