I've spoken to a number of analysts the past few weeks. There's little doubt in my mind that this stock's worst days are behind them. I think it was DB that said it as well that just to get this stock up to peer group valuation NOW, in this depressed market, that the stock should be trading somewhere between $4-$5. It just depends on who you ask and what metric they want to apply. The reason the stock is un-loved is what we all know. They misguided and they had technical problems. People bailed on the stock. Plain and simple. I've spoken to several more fund managers and PM's and they say the same thing "isn't that the company blew it on guidance and missed targets?" I think that NOW that the story has changed and they've proven that they have their act together on a number of fronts they will re-visit the stock. I think that's what we are seeing now. Maybe it's French maybe people are just reading the recent updates. No matter.

Abbey selling his stock is a red herring. Crash's goofy theories just don't make any sense. It's not like Abbey is getting any younger and as ar as I know he doesn't have a DP plan either. His bets have been made a long time ago. He must have travelled hundreds of thousand of miles and maybe even compromised his family because of it. I hope he makes millions more on the stock he owns. I just want to make $1 million. That's all. Crash's goofy commentss suggest that he's nothing more than a penny ante player.

Personally, I will add to my position once the stock closes above $3.10. The next stop will be subtantially higher. I think that will happen next week. IMO.