Hey Crash, no offence but when I look at your history with BNK ... you seem to start off saying you hope you;re wrong or some other disclaimer then you go into some negative garbage.


Now it's a worry about a 60 something year old man who just retired selling some of his shares. 

Your comment doesn;t sound as if it's coming from an investor in my opinion.  Abby has millions of shares in his portfolio he sold some  he's retired and as much as you may think you know everything  you don;t. 

Neither do I but when I see a retired person selling shares,  that doesn;t tell me he has no faith in his company  what I see is he needs money and won't wait for a SP appreciation.  

The month before you made some silly negative comment about the company being in trouble due to the facts that the SP dropped,  the month before that it had to do with the inventory/resourse report .  Then the month before that it had to so with the cost the company is incuring... 

Then to make yourself look like an investor in BNK  you use words like I hope WE    this I hope We that.

I hope YOU bail on this and look for another play next month since you only post here monthly it appears.