Now it's not like I'm flogging this to death ( maybe I am ) but you have to read this whole post before coming to any kind of conclusion...  It's in reagrds to the sincerity or honesty of one..Bartno12001.


Okay in the recent past he's talking like he's this big investor and has actually had an effect on the share price...  Bartno12001's registration date is  June 21`, 2012

This is his second post all time..  post...

  today is my first day in the markets. i have 15k only

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Then right after that one  he makes this statement..

hey guys i took everything out. one of my friends (experienced guy) told me


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okay fast forward a month or so...


takeover? i bought at 2.19


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  i told u guys before that i am new to this. just saw this moving


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by then he's got tons of ignores  but  one more it gets better.....

 i talked to my older brother. he said sell 2500 and i ju

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So he takes advice from a big brother .....


Tells me something now doesn;t it?