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Bioniche Life Sciences Inc T.BNC

Sector: Healthcare | Sub-Sector: Biotechnology
Alternate Symbol(s):  BNHLF

Bioniche Life Sciences Inc is a Research-based, technology-driven biopharmaceutical company involved in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of proprietary products for human and animal health markets.
Price: $0.32 | Change: +$0.01 | %Change: +3.23%
Volume: 740,079 | Day High/Low: 0.34/0.315 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.435/0.14

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3 stars

Dear Sick & Tired...re: Health Canada's directive...

I believe it is similar to what the FDA just provided (but back in July-13). If I recall, Bioniche stumbled with the package being incomplete (I could be wrong here). Hence, the recent re-submission...read more
1 star

Health Canada is living proof

That over paid government bufoons can make a difference in our country, they keep quiet so they can never be wrong and that means fatter paychecks!! at least Ford makes decisions hire him!!!  rate and reply
5 stars

Big Partnership & FDA Approval Coming = TGT $3

Upfront Payment from upcoming Partner alone could be in the range of $25-40 M and once the BLA is under review by FDA then we can expect a Runup to FDA decision . There is currently no Cheaper...read more
5 stars

Nice find Givmeabrake! re: Immunocidin video...

...certainly helps to reinforce the many strong advantages future products from Bioniche's MCNA technology platform will have. Well worth watching the video. If time a factor, start at 3:00 minute...read more
3.5 stars

Hey women out there, are you suffering from breast cancer?

Want a proven treatment? Talk to your vet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huQdW0MkU9Q  rate and reply
1 star

RE:RE:RE:Being Robbed !

Going to go have some Health Canada approved cigarettes and another Monster energy drink.    You're supposed to have 8 glasses of Monster per day aren't you????  rate and reply
1 star

RE:RE:Being Robbed !

I have a hard time understanding what the point of this company is if they aren't going to approve the cancer treatment STAT.   I mean, backing the stock is one thing, but DimSum is confused about BIG...read more
0 stars

Recap..Urocidin may provide an alternative to cystectomy

http://www.specialtypharmajournal.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2669:urocidintm-may-hold-promise-as-bladder-cancer-treatment&catid=344:oncology&Itemid=556 The intravesical...read more
1 star

RE:Being Robbed !

Selling after that news isn't quite someone stuffing a 649 winner in your pocket while you try and run in the other direction but it is close.  The company has a real opportunity to reinvent the IR...read more
5 stars

RE:Fraudwid is a PAID "posse boy"

Go back to the SDI board where you can wait another three years to lose it all :). Truth hurts eh somestonedguy ;). Try a little harder lightweight :)  rate and reply
1 star

Fraudwid is a PAID "posse boy"

Fraudwid posts here with multiple handles, here is a post he made in march 2014.  This board is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD.  I remember RagingBull telling us Jennifer had 12,000 shares, NO Rage, Jennifer...read more
0 stars

Being Robbed !

If any of you retailers are selling here, and you are not a Day Trader settling for pennies, then someone is stealing your shares.Surely you have to recognize the value here.  rate and reply
5 stars

RE:Nice to be SCAMMED on a public bullboard

I love how this LOSER with multiple accounts talks about scamming.  Heard of "irony" you pathetic twot.  rate and reply
5 stars


Mr Rage, You are entitled to your opinion, as juvenille and poorly structured as it may be. I doubt very much that someone of your intellect is able to influence an investing decision one way or...read more
1 star

Nice to be SCAMMED on a public bullboard

PAID BASHING??? ABSOLUTELY...but who? Funny little tale this one... Sit on the data for 2 years Submit it to the FDA Release it to the market in the middle of summer on a Friday morning. Release it...read more
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I suppose I should have been on this board posting all of the wonderful progress that's been made??  rate and reply
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In addition, the fact that you put up with this is probably why Health Canada feels no compelling reason to do anything at all.....  rate and reply
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Haha.  I will always bash people who take years to accomplish tasks that could have been done in seconds......   :).  rate and reply
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Yes this stock has had its share of bashing. Biochamp and Mr. Rage come to mind, but that is no excuse for the corporation's inability, or I dare say unwillingness to invoke some form of...read more
2.5 stars


ABSOLUTELY...but who? Funny little tale this one... Sit on the data for 2 years Submit it to the FDA Release it to the market in the middle of summer on a Friday morning. Release it from 2 CENTS...read more