Although the taxation rate will most likely be reasonable once the govt of Poland eventually decides or at least similar to allot of jurisdictions in the world.  The overall concensus now is it is getting very expensive to conduct business in many countries in the world at the moment.  I was at a conference and the best polictical safe places are now North America for mining/oil/gas.  Many countries continually are seeking more tax dollars and it is starting to be to the point where it is wise to abandon ship and stay in NA as tend to be more stable and free of lengthy talks on issues like Poland on shale gas drilling.  That being said, it may not turn into economically in the best interests for oil/gas companies to be in Poland.  All and all there just seems to be better investments out there at the moment with the lengthy process BNK has encountered over the last year.  Still have my fingers in the BNK pie but into "better plays" at the moment.  Even the Caney results could be time consuming issue i.e. outcome could be months.  Never been in an oil/gas play with these types of long term oil/gas outcomes. It is also puzzling on an outcome of drilling as they seem to take months on getting an actual production number from the well.  Never seen this happen to this extent in my experience in oil/gas  investments.