Looks like we are "days away" from transfer to the flight test facility. Here is what the CEO said to the Canadian Press:

We’re still feeling very good about flying in June,” Bombardier Aerospace president Guy Hachey said after the company’s annual meeting.

“Obviously, there’s always some risk until the end. I don’t anticipate any major delays if something were to happen.”

He said the first completed CS100 is days away from being transferred to the testing centre where it will undergo weeks of taxiing around Mirabel airport and be subject to ground vibrations and other tests.

Virtual testing of the airplane’s systems, including fly-by-wire, is expected to be completed in early June. The final of seven tests on the aircraft structure is slated to be completed next week.

“Most of the issues that could trip us up are behind us,” Hachey told reporters.

He said the company hasn’t nailed down a firm date for the first flight because of potential last-minute problems and the number of groups that are involved in the event.

Expect a press release late next week on the transfer to the flight testing centre and completion of the last of seven structural tests. This should continue to drive the price. I think what we saw over the last couple of days was that some of thee risk that was priced into to the S/P quickly getting priced out. We still have a way to go to get more of the risk priced out as the S/P still only reflects the value of the train business. The price may wobble as volume returns to normal but with the run up to the Paris Air show I doubt people will place large bets against BBD given what we know about the flight test. Still, anything can happen. Fingers crossed.