Based on my rough & dirty calculations, the backlog, margins, and future expectations for additional revenues for the new business jets & C Series it possible that Bombardier will have earnings as follows over the next couple years.

Current Aerospace Backlog:  $32 billion  Expected Margins for 2014:  6%  Average delivery time period:  3 years

Earnings expectation for Aerospace:  (($32 billion * .06) / 3 years / 1.8 billion shares)  = 35 cents / year earnings

Earnings expectation for BT :  (($31 billion * .08) / 3 years / 1.8 billion shares) = 47 cents / year earnings

Earnings expectation for additional revenue in aerospace due to new business jets & C Series:

$10 - $16 billion additional revenues / year

"In the next five years, Bombardier expects its annual revenues will increase by $10-billion to $16-billion – or close to double what they were in 2012"

(($10 billion * .06) /1.8 billion shares = 33 cents / year earnigns

(($16 billion * .06) / 1.8 billion shares = 53 cents / year earnings

That would mean that the earnings potential for the next several years may range from 82 cents without the new revenue streams to $1.15 - $1.35 with the new revenue streams. 

Of course, there are many variables at play here - the economy, sales, bringing the C Series and business jets to market and of course the debt that has been incurred to develop the new products...  There is definitely potential for gains but one has to be patient and have lots of gravol at hand and of course never risk anything that you can't afford to lose