Retireearly - I did half & half.  First block at $4.01 and the second at $4.49.  My cost basis was $3.06.


So, the principal is back into something sensible (SPLV & BRK.B) and all my BBD gains are now in a ladder of June - Jan 2014 Puts with strike prices between $3.50 to $5.00.


I actually read the 1st qtr revenue reporting and the only good news is their increased revenue - which will not be repeated in the near future.  Delivery of a couple white tail CRJ's, the NetJet Global Express and long delayed (by 1 year) Global Vision cockpit equiped Global Express aircraft along with a couple of rail orders made for a nice revenue spike - but hardly something you can count on each qtr going forward.


For the longer term the fact that BBD's margins are still terrible should be cause for concern.  It's still a company that is living on cheap credit that lives and dies on cash flows - because they can't sell anything for a decent profit, much less raise prices.  Too much competition in each sector they operate from (Boeing, Embraer, Airbus, Siemens, the entire county of China, etc...).