Not to seem cavalier in the face of such tragedy, but airplanes do crash sometimes. They're still much safer than any other form of travel.

From an investment perspective crashes are a non-event. They tend to be the result of human error - usually either maintenence, or piloting error.  And both maintenance and flying in this region of the world is subject to somewhat lower standards than is common in the rest of the world.

This aircraft type has been proven over many years of flying in all kinds of conditions around the world. It is particularly well-suited to cold weather flying. At the same time, this can make it popular in some harsh weather flying, where time concerns can tempt even experienced pilots into pushing the parameters when it comes to things like cautionary de-icing procedures.

There are a lot of reasons for buying or selling Bombardier - crashes isn't one of them.  

It's earnings season. Competitors and suppliers like Boeing, Honeywell, Textron (Cessna), Gulfstream, Precision Castparts, Rockwell Collins, Embraer, United Technologies, are all reporting.  

You wouldn't sell your car because someone else had a fatal crash with a similar model.