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Bombardier Inc T.BBD.A

Sector: Industrials | Sub-Sector: Aerospace & Defense
Alternate Symbol(s): T.BBD.B|T.BBD.PR.D|T.BDRPF|T.BBD.PR.B|T.BBD.PR.C

Bombardier Inc is a manufacturer of transportation equipment, including business and commercial aircraft and rail transport equipment and systems. It operates in two segments aerospace segment and transportation segment.
Price: $4.08 | Change: +$0.05 | % Change: +1.24%
Volume: 17,539 | Day High/Low: 4.08/4.01 | 52 Week High/Low: 5.42/3.30

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Looks like C Series will surpass 100 flights

In the next few days C Series will fly its 100th flight, it was 96 flights as of today. There are now over 200 flight hours and an uncertain amount of ground test hours such as the ones being...read more
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Volume still high, overdose 14 M  rate and reply
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Oddly enough this was included in my IT lists for Ottawa, so I thought I'd pass it along in case anyone is looking... http://jobs.bombardier.com/job/Kingston-Head-of-Project-Management-ON/26738800...read more
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This situation seems like deja vue,   high volume but share price stable or  in a downward trend.  Plus the Bombers is giving us some perks,  as we have seen  one CrJ900 ,2  Q400 sales, 400m train...read more
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Investors are very reluctant now to enter and hold Bombardier, due to disappointing earnings and major supprises from management.  Their credibility will truly be tested May 1st on how transparent...read more
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Pray tell us why boy?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:seller fatigue....might need to buy a time share???

Sorry, old data, the short position increased by about 2.5 million shares to the middle of April  rate and reply
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RE:RE:seller fatigue....might need to buy a time share???

The short position increased by about 15 million shares not 2 million. Largest Short Positions at 2014.03.31 Company Security Symbol 2014.03.31 ...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Total time airborne by C Series test vehicle

Bombardier's Beaudoin has said that each C series was targeting 45 hours per month per plane and that was to start this month. Obviously that didn't happen. Apparently my earlier numbers did not...read more
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RE:seller fatigue....might need to buy a time share???

Not sure about the shorts. The position increased by about 2 million shares in the first half of April. Not what was hoping or expected. It's all a manipulated money making game for these guys and too...read more
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seller fatigue....might need to buy a time share???

Oh Oh looks like the big banks are just about done with the short selling.............i wonder who will be the first to raise their rating of bbd this year.   My money is on rbc...........they always...read more
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rebranding..........how do you like ace aerospace????

Lets change the name of this company............after all we do not make snowmobiles anymore andwhenever i think about bombardier i think about snowmobiles.    And while we are at it how about a fancy...read more
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bbd stock manipulation

From what i have heard and seen...............most people...........well investors are afraid to own this stock.    Many say it is too risky and the debt is too high.   I dont worry about that stuff.....read more
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RE:RE:RE:Total time airborne by C Series test vehicle

I read somewhere that Boeing was doing 60 hours of testing  a month per plane  on the Dreamliner. I say the're really behind,   Let's hope they don't bull sh1t us on the Anual meeting May 01.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Total time airborne by C Series test vehicle

rundle1 wrote: As much as I am a believer in this program,  183 hours in the air in six months is less than impressive. Let's hope there is an exponential ramp up in testing soon. Otherwise they will...read more
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Again this morning big volume 3 m shares traded in 50 min

But share price flat,  Trend seems more lower than up,  Is it the calm before the storm. Are shorts covering,  ore are they shorting more  hard to tell  especially 10 days before the 4th quarter or...read more
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Bombardier has me singing O'Canada

....True North,.."..We are equally committed to the development of the new national network, which will allow us to collaborate with the best researchers from across Canada. This close collaboration...read more
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...Hi Kusch, good call - heard that one of the FTV's had flown in normal mode. FTV4 will be flying soon and results after it flies in normal mode, I believe will be the moment of truth , ....hmmmmmm...read more
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RE:An interesting link for Zimmee

Good read Keldroma.... excuse me for getting a little off track here...but I'm still trying to rap my head around the fact that it is possible to make $10,272,693 from a minuscule charge of $0.028...read more