(I have no time to edit anything here, so I’ll leave it all in its raw form)


This is my 1001st post in just over 5 months since I decided to join Stockhouse to post on this board, and it’ll be my last. Whoever may end up having patience to read it in its entirety - thank you! I said this already before, but this one’s a “charm”...and I will not “magically” re-appear on this board under any other handle. What follows below isn’t arbitrarily made up to evoke your emotions or convince anyone to follow my logic, so no response to this post is necessary from anyone who supported me in the past. Each one of us is too busy and relatively self-absorbed to make an adequate impression on those who do not care about anything at all, and I simply have no more time to offer. If you do care, your investment thesis is unlikely to suffer from an “overload” if you read this post to its conclusion, although a few midgets here would take full advantage of the fact that I will not be able respond. The more they’d talk, however, the more they’d be exposed to that same mob I was. They are yet to discover that no ego can “win” in any contest on any bull-board, even though opinions can indeed be influenced more often than not.


Over the past five months I dedicated a lot of time and energy to make this board as colorful and as controversial as possible, even when I was away from home. Even my inadequate English skills made my efforts “charming” in some circles, maybe because the language is blessed with enough “words” that could (and did) carry my point across even at times when some covered their noses reading. These efforts, nevertheless, did register with people I wanted to reach. I’ve been around long enough to know how this little world “works”, what buttons to push, and who’s involved... well, to some extent. I don’t think I wasted my time on this board, as I’m sure I contributed to a worthy cause.


Be it as it may, but one indeed has to be a fool not to understand that the content of any bull-board is run by a mob of hungry for action, and attention, actors seeking information to validate their already made-up minds or entice others to join them in whatever cause they believe in. This premise, of course, excludes people who are paid to take their task straight to the cash registrar utilising more sophisticated means to satisfy their needs. My personal, rather brazen, style in these five months of posting on this board was such that not only it left me with 89 ignores and labels ranging from “nice” to “not so nice”, but it led me to think that the mob on this board has no longer any urgent need for anything “new” I could deliver to satisfy their need for novelty, without which no mob can survive. Novelty – that is what the mob needs (and it is precisely what the gatherings in places like bull-boards are – a mob gathering).It is the nature of the mob’s collective mentality either to find someone to hate, pity, or elevate to new heights. The leader is often loved, but soon after the mob finds a new leader, they’ll vote to decapitate the one they “loved” before in a heartbeat. Although I always knew this, my inexhaustible fervour and faith in BB’s success soon sucked me right into the heart of all of the debates raging around it; debates where not only my sizable investment was at stake, but also matters involving ethical issues, like questions related to how can I superimpose my selfish goals with the objective reality facing the company, the company under attack, the company deserving more than patent lies surrounding it. Mind you, a level of contradiction is there no matter what one may say, but over time I found enough evidence to stand my ground with clear conscious, remain long, promote the company, encourage others to do the same, and attack those attacking it with everything I could find in my personal arsenal to defeat them.


I know I was never alone, but my style of dealing with the “opposition”, the style which was successful to some extent, doesn’t make a single man like me an army. I knew, and have incontrovertible evidence, that this board was READ DAILY by people who have a lot of power to make things change. Even if initially they were doing it on a small scale, they are now constantly gauging the mood of the mob posting on BB board. My conclusion, eventually, was that the minds of these influential people are already made; all they needed was that little push to pay even more attention to the fact that there are people out there who won’t put up with the lies spewed in media against this company. I suppose all of them now believe in BlackBerry’s success not any less than I do. Their “work” now, however, is focused on carefully positioning their investment not to attract attention before the stock explodes in a short squeeze ahead of one of quarterly results that may smash all numbers put forward by “pro” and “con” crowd alike. There’s hardly any need for me to be here beating my chest now or on the day this long-anticipated squeeze is finally here.


Even though the above is true, among other things, in 2 of my recent posts I said that BlackBerry's enemies are alive. Short position in this stock is enormous, and so is the interest of those short, to foster as negative environment as possible to assist their exit with minimum losses possible. As there’s very little float still available to trade, and the consensus changed, to make a successful run on the stock (like those we saw before) is no longer possible. One of the easiest ways out is to set up shop on a bull-board to crate urgently needed liquidity. An operation to get this strategy in motion is simple: set two kinds of posters - the "sophisticates", those engaged in arguments with people to “bend” their faith a little, while others, in chorus with the first group would be engaged in advocating to trade BB(RY) supposedly to profit from totally unpredictable stock price swings generated by HFT(s). Essentially they insist that you can beat HFT’s assaults backed by Banks and Hedge Funds. They insist that using their grossly inadequate “understanding” of Technical Analysis will make you a "winner" if you trade with them. Good luck trying, but if you are inclined to take their “friendly” advice, keep in mind, there’s a difference between "advising" and "informing". The longs here are basically doing only one thing – INFORMING, while the short interest lurking here to rob you of both, your confidence and stock, are ADVISING; and while "advising", they never post anything of value to execute a successful trade, or have fundamental evidence linked to anything not filled with lies. The set-up is nothing but invitation to assist those short the stock to offer them liquidity they need to cover their heavily bleeding short positions. Don’t be fooled, the battle raging on this board is just an extension of the battle for the hearts and minds of the consumer and investor alike. Long investors posting here are not defending some snake-oil shady operation; they’re defending BlackBerry’s interests and their own investment in it. Longs are defending the company heavily under assault; the company with products and services the economy of the world needs.


I also posted that two most sophisticated paid hacks on this board are Trimalchio and ApexPredator. By all means, this is just my opinion, but their posts are set to suck you into their well-versed world of carefully twisted reality, the target of which is a greedy fool. Their articulate and rather thoroughly sweeping statements are set to impress, but in the end, their T/A advice (encoded into their conversations with one another for all to read), one bright shiny day may cost you a lot. To trade your position in HFT-infested, totally unpredictable environment - is exactly what they imply in their posts while claiming that they are "long" and "positive" on BB’s prospects. It is their cover not to attract attention, to let the bullets fly by, while sneaking into your mind to seed fear and doubt at the same time.

Below is an example – just one (of many) documented evidence of manipulation on these boards, how hacks work on stressed investors enticing them to sell:

On 2/27/2013 4:16:32 AM - I posted the following on the PGF board:

“It is amazing to watch you guys squabble... PGF / PGH is simply shorted into oblivion .... with the aim to turn this company into a penny stock to buy it for nothing, while treating this country as a "Mexico of the North". You guys seem to be confused... Canada will find a deserving market soon enough for all Canadian Oil Companies to prosper, PGF included. Hold on to your PGF shares and stay informed!”...... [this was followed by a link to Alberta's Premier statemt at that time]....

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?p=0&m=32239428&l=0&r=0&s=PGF&t=LIST#e1wCD4Y2K45r4ti7.99


That day (February 26th) the stock hit absolute bottom @ $3.93 a share (I didn't know the day I posted my remarks the it would be the bottom... I had already bought the stock a few days earlier), bu only a day later the stock turned, and was @ $5.72 by March 15. Well... but look what was posted prior to my post on that day - February 26 by supposedly trusted & reasonable poster to let everyone know that “he/she” - ‘tessa3’ – is finally out (after days of inserting further doubts into the minds of already frightened investors reading that board) to convince others to follow “her” (read what “she” wrote below):


“ Yes, I actually got out yesterday at 4.23 per share, took a 42000 loss in this stock, that accompanied with apple 2 months ago at -83000, its been a tough year, hard to believe the markets are rallying and two of the most supposed stable stocks crashed on me, its not like I was playing the vix or tvix or something that supposed to fluctuate 3 percent a day but I guess my lost money goes to the shorts and its there time to make money so there good times are on me for a while.

Im getting seriuosly worried about the divi right now, I know they said it will be maintained but at these levels I cant see it, and I dont think its good for long term share price to keep paying it at these levels now, which is why I had to pull the trigger,

I hope for the people hanging on they come out with something positive on the 1st and the SP pops up 50 cents or so, and they dont excavate the divi from underneath you, of itll be a quick slide.

25 years of paying a divi, sponsoring the saddle dome, a company invlolved in the oil sands where you cant find enough workers and its come to this, never for a moment thought it would happen to Pengrowth, but its happening now,

I dont like what I see in the markets rigth now either, Italy not having a solid vote creating more volatility in Europe and Bernake speedch this morning actually sending markets in the markets in the oposite direction, PGH down in the US to 3.85, its just a matter of time before PGF follows the US price,

Ill always keep my eyes on it and especially after there earnings on the 1st, but getting out yesterday at 4.23 has so far saved me slode to 4000 dollars. And I expect that given the price of PGH we will see PGF down to 3.90 or lower by days end or first thing in the morning.”

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/bullboards/messagedetail.aspx?p=0&m=32235354&l=0&r=0&s=PGF&t=LIST#KsgSVK41tzKmVIxw.99


Wow, isn’t it amazing! “She (?)” was rated 4 on PGF board that day, but not surprisingly, was never heard from again. “Her(?)” hack job was done. Yours truly, however, was booted out from that board right after telling them a day later that the board is polluted (among other “nice” words I used) and that I’ll never post there again; I didn’t. I already bought the stock and did not need to prove anything to anyone.



In my mind the story of the company, previously known as Research in Motion, is akin to the story of the French Revolution long ago in 1789. Despite Terror arriving shortly after fervently inspired masses turned the world on its head, the Revolution never failed. It gave birth to the New World, the world we live in. The likes of Robespierre (akin to my personality and presence on this board, in spirit perhaps) had to end him (me) being be-headed by the same mob he (me) tried to inspire... With that tragic story in mind, I leave this little island of cyber-space to its own devices – its arguments, suspicions, coalitions, friendships, and betrayals. I’d like to think I’m leaving here with my dignity intact and firmly believing that BlackBerry – this Mighty Flagship of Canada’s High Technology Industry – will succeed beyond anyone’s dreams... even beyond mine.



My very best to all BB(RY) longs...... keep fighting for what you believe in.

Expand your education beyond merely being an “investor”. Read; be involved in your community, its issues, and our Country’s Federal Politics. Stand for everything Good and against all that’s Evil. Be TRUE to yourself and your Country - this will make you a happier human being...... and the world around you will benefit from this as well.