quick round up from Crackberry.

"The Q10 is unquestionably the best phone with a keyboard on the market." - Engadget

"Its long battery life and comfortable keyboard may be what you've been holding out for, and the inclusion of BlackBerry 10.1 is extra icing on the cake." - CNET

"The BlackBerry Q10 is the phone BlackBerry fanatics have been clamoring for -- with a killer keyboard and welcome OS improvements." - Laptop

"I grew so comfortable with [the Active Frame] gesture that I accidentally tried to use it on my Android smartphone." - Wall Street Journal

"Efficiency freaks everywhere should be rejoicing." - New York Times

"It is a fully modern BlackBerry – and not just by BlackBerry standards. It's fast, has a mobile browser that beats many of the others and an outstanding physical keyboard." - ABC

"The Q10 is likely to be attractive to the BlackBerry faithful. It deserves to lure some people over from Androids and iPhones as well." - Associated Press

"The Q10 is a very solid and well-built little phone, and it's one of the few options available from any smartphone ecosystem for the physical keyboard holdouts." - Ars Technica

"The Q10 is very impressive device, especially from a company that more than a few people had completely counted out completely." - TechCrunch

"Physical keyboard is amazing — perfect for pounding out quarterly earnings estimates while getting your shoes shined." - Wired

"There was no touchscreen lag whatsoever, and even with eight apps open... Somehow, RIM has managed to get the most out of this phone’s engine." - Globe and Mail

"The BlackBerry Q10 is a great phone — the best BlackBerry ever, in fact — a fantastic communication tool and a decent smartphone." - MobileSyrup