Maverick Capital is the major short player behind the shorting of BlackBerry. They nearly went bankrupt in 2003 when shorting BlackBerry as it was beginning to flourish. They thought they could finish the job on BBRY by paying off analysts to write false stores about phones being returned, underwhelming shipment numbers, UK Gov't contracts not being renewed, etc. All of it a complete lie in order for them to raid the stock illegally (colloquially referred to as a bear raid).

What Maverick Capital, and other short players do not understand fully, is that 34.5% if the FLOAT is SHORT. Free float is 484M shares, and institutional ownership has increased SUBSTANTIALLY. I am aware of a collective effort going on by long hedge funds, money managers, and intitutions across America, Canada, UK, and the world, to slowly accumulate these shares at these price levels. The institutional ownership of this stock is now will north of 80%.

The reason volume has fallen so drastically is very simple: very few are now selling; and, shares are VERY difficult to borrow short with a 10% negative rebate. Here is how the story ends: BlackBerry continues to thrive and and ships a massive amount of devices in Q1. EPS will be over $1.00/share. There will be a massive squeeze in this stock in the coming weeks or months. The term "massive" can't even describe the lasting effects. Maverick Capital, and it's "friends" shorting BBRY will be out of ammo. SEC already has their eye on them and things will not turn out well for them, just as things will not turn out well for Jeff Johnston of Detwiler Fenton. White-collar crimes are punishable with some very strict sentences (10+ yrs if found convicted)

In closing, I'd just like to say, Maverick Capital, it's over. You have lost. You are now cornered by institutional longs. Insolvency is on your doorstep. Criminal charges are at your window.

Long, BBRY