I haven't been following which apps BlackBerry 10 has/doesn't have too closely (for a valid reason as I believe my time is better spent being productive), so please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Although BlackBerry 10 has over 70,000 apps at launch, it is missing key iOS/Android favourites such as Instagram, among other's I'm sure.

If you were an App developer, wouldn't you look at this as an opportunity to create something new? Instagram isn't available on BB10 -...so create your own Instagram, and beat the 'real' Instagram to the BB10 Market. App developpers should really be looking at the BlackBerry 10 as a fantastic opportunity to tap new/unsaturated app-markets.

I'm happy I studied business however it is times like these in which I wish I knew the world of programming. I would be all over BB10.

Any software/app developers out there?