Thanks very much for this, WonmanshowBML.

The question of RIM/BB's manufacturing sites has come up fairly often over the years, and it is definitely true that BB-OS phones & tablets have been manufactured in the past in Canada, Hungary, Mexico, Malaysia(?), and Taiwan. The first version of the PlayBook and possibly the 2nd, too, was made by a company called Quanta in Taiwan. In Canada, one company that made the old BB7s was Celestica, although BB severed all relations with them last year. I think a second plant in Canada (Waterloo) once had and may still have a role in assembling early runs and prototypes of their various designs. I.e., the Dev Alpha versions of the Z10 and Q10.

BlackBerry never breaks these matters down in great detail for investors, so some extra sleuthing is always required. One bit of info that they gave late last year was that the manufacturing chain was going to be simplified, so that they'd be cutting down from "ten external manufacturing sites to three" ( ). That was in reference to the legacy BB0S, however, so there are still three sites probably that are producing BB7s. I'm fairly certain that Mexico (Jabil) is still in the picture:  .

Your link shows that ALL the new BB10 phones are being made by three companies in Taiwan. I'm just hoping that these companies have the capacity to ramp up production by a lot when the demand calls for it.