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Mystery Surrounding Blackberry's Delayed US Launch Strategy:

Blackberry knew they would face incredible amount of negativity in the US. The visit to Carrier Operated Store Visit 4 confirms this. The US is the most advanced Smart Phone market and the one were Blackberry may have the most negative image of a company going bust, and American's hate losers.

Blackberry was initially due to launch in the UK, UAE and Canada, its strongest markets. (I believe most analyst forecasts are based on this geographic introduction still today) It snuck in: France, Germany, Italy, Saudi, Lebanon, South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore. Remember: units shipped are units sold. This has all been one great ploy to sandbagexpectations and deliver a massive upside surprise with the full intention of changing the negative discourse in the media. Shed the 'loser' brand image and welcome the "Comeback Story." This is where it gets really fun.