Went to Costco today for a update on our BB10 and said the phones are selling great. Within there section of the city which is 1/3rd are selling 77 BB10's per day x 3= 231 per day and each are about the same. 231 x 30 days = 6,930 per month x 12 months = 83,160 per year. We discussed the BB10 with the other phones and there operating systems, his responce was SAMSUNG was first, BLACKBERRY second, and APPLE third with 30% of buyers teenangers. Loves the BB10 talked about all the features and says the BBM connected to a flat screen T.V. great crystal clear with no lag time. On a daily base they have atleast 10 people wanting the Q10 at this one store, and believe it will sell more than the BB10. It's just a matter of time before the shorts have little effect. Long's hang on I know I sure am, in the next  6 to 12 months it's going to be ausome!!!!!!!!!