So, to clarify a few points from my last post,

1. BlackBerry is in 7th place (behind Nokia, in 6th, where a combination of Lumia and Asha sales put it ahead of BB).

2. I believe I got a couple of facts wrong while I was trying to figure out Nordberg's new role at Sony. He used to be the Chair and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications, a major division of the parent company, but now he's the chairman of the board of Sony Mobile. Essentially, to compare this to last year's executive shuffle at RIM, Nordberg used to be in the Mike Lazaridis position, but then took on the position now held by Barbara Stymiest.

3. No need to weep for Mr. Nordberg's demotion. He is a much sought after guy, if you look over his biography and the high positions he holds in a varieity of companies, including a position as chairman of the board at Vestas, one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers.



Analysis. First off, I'm following Sonbuster's lead on this.

The really interesting thing about the Nordberg appointment is that BlackBerry now has on its board of directors a guy still intimately connected with a different smartphone manufacturer using Android Jelly Bean for its OS. Think about that for a second. Imagine if Barbara Stymiest or Prem Watsa were invited to sit on the board of Apple, or Windows Phone?

And here's another fact: Sony sells a large percentage of its smartphones in its home market. In December and January, the Xperia AX was one of the top 2 handsets sold in Japan.

And what is one of the key ways Sony is trying to differentiate itself from the competition? By incorporating NFC technology into the Xperia. The BB10 already has this ready to go. Surely BB would have cut heavily into Sony's revenue in Japan.

Now tell me that some kind of deal is NOT brewing between BB and Sony. Sony once announced big plans that they were going to become the top manufacturer of Android phones. The company really did envision becoming #1 worldwide. Now, even though they're doing quite well with the Xperia, Samsung has been handing Sony's rear ends to them in a sling.