You really seem intent on spreading serious misinformation. Samsung has nothing, zip, nada, they are totally dependent on Google and the next release of Android. Apple is so inept with software they can't even access the cloud, they need it to be an iCloud, if you enjopy music I can guarantee you don't enjoy iTunes and Safari is just that, a trip on a jeep through places no one actually lives.

The process of assimilating QNX and making it the cornerstone for the new line of smartphones was not simple. Samsung and Apple have nothing even remotely like this OS and they simply cannot make it up overnight, even over a year. Google may be able to add some of the functions to a future version of Android if they are willing to pay fees to use certain BB patents, the only way Apple will get this type of software on the iPhone is to buy Blackberry.

Your idea of realism seems ot be ignoring cold hard facts, QNX is everywhere, you just can't see it because you don't have a Blackberry....yet.

Maybe Superstore can sell you a new Blackberry when you get your new reading glasses, a twofor?