In  the early  srages of thids break  out I   postulated that  we will    see a violent capitulation out of  MSFT/NOK, GOOG  and  AAPL  into BB.  I  suggested that it would not be out of the realm  to  have  a  5 to  ten dollar move in a period of perhaps as little as two  days.   This is happening  but we are in 2nd  inning   and  I  provide the following point of evidence.


As BB  was  selling off last week  from  high of 18.40  to a low  of 12.15    ,  a  full 50   % retracement,  AAPL  only picked up    a paltry 3 % gain  at the most   .....and its not holding.  Today   we saw   how just a  2    % drop  for both AAPL  and GOOG translated into a 15 % gain   for BB. Apple  is already capitulating, GOOG     isn't  ,  it just hit   2 fly balls  in the first inning  of capitulation.  As we  see more evidence from channel  checks  that   up  to  30  to 50  %  of   BB10  buyers are  deserters from  IOS   or ANDROID  devices  we will  see  a  huge capitulation  for both  stocks accelerating and  BB  flying  to perhaps as much as 60  dollars  by   June.  No analyst isanywhere  near  that  bullish  but the evidence from  the launch are   pointing   to thats where  BB is heading.     Most analysts  figured BB10  was  DOA  and  BB would be lucky  to  hang onto    its  80  million users.  I see that  number increasing  to  perhaps 220  million  in a year's time. This is what the trend is showing as the end game   based  on results so far.