They probably pulled the ad because their algorithms recognized that the vote for the BB ad was being manipulated by special interest groups, including ours.

To me, one of the best things you can say about the ad is that it didn't completely suck. Also, it may have performed the function of helping a lot of easily misled people discover that RIM/BBRY has not in actual fact gone bankrupt or otherwise disappeared from the general market.

One of the best readings of the ad I've seen so far is Gopyn's (see below). I'm wondering how many people who know about the Fantastic Four would have immediately recognized the references. But even if they did, isn't the implication that the BB10 can't do the same things the Fantastic Four did? Or isn't the implication that this is not a phone that can do fantastic things?

Another issue -- I think only BlackBerry investors and analysts will care about this ad, subjecting it to all this scrutiny and analysis. In the marathon of advertising during the game tonight, I doubt many average folk will remember this commercial


"The inspiration actually came from the Marvel comic book characters, the Fantastic Four. The BlackBerry user in the commercial grows scaly, elephantine legs, similar to The Thing. He is set on fire without being burned, a take on the Human Torch. When he disappears in a burst of colourful dust, that was inspired by The Invisible Woman. The only thing he does not do is stretch like Mister Fantastic."